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Broward Personal Injury Lawyer

Broward County is one of three counties that make up the area known as South Florida. Broward County is made up of 31 municipalities, which consist of 24 incorporated cities and is Florida’s seventh largest county. Broward County was founded on April 30, 1915 and was originally intended to be named “Everglades County”, however, the Speaker of the House of Representatives at that time, Ion Farris, amended the bill so that the county would be named after Napoleon Bonaparte Broward. Broward was the governor of Florida from 1905 to 1909.


Presently, much like neighboring Miami-Dade County, Broward county has a booming tourism industry. The area has a tropical climate and averages 77 degrees year-round. This makes is a premier destination for over 10 million visitors a year.

Why Contact a Miami Personal Injury Accident Attorney?

Obtaining Justice is the main focus for these Broward personal injury attorneys. Car accident lawyers in Broward must be knowledgeable on these complex cases, requiring the assistance of an experienced attorney. The Broward injury lawyers at Ferrer Law, PA, will be by your side every step of the way and at no cost to you unless we get you compensated for your Broward personal injury claim. A Miami personal injury attorney will take the time to evaluate and investigate your case. You will not be pushed along to a paralegal or legal assistant. The personal injury attorneys at Ferrer Law have represented individuals with various injuries and cases such as:


  • Broward bicycle accident

  • Brain injury in Broward

  • Burn injury in Broward

  • Broward car accident attorney

  • Catastrophic injury attorney in Broward

  • Dog bites in Broward

  • Broward Uber accident lawyer

  • Broward Lyft accident lawyer

  • Medical malpractice lawyer in Broward

  • Broward motorcycle accident attorney

  • Neck injury lawyer in Broward

  • Negligent security attorney in Broward

  • Nursing home abuse lawyer in Broward

  • Pedestrian accident in Broward

  • Broward personal injury attorney

  • Premises liability attorney in Broward

  • Broward products liability lawyer

  • Slip and fall attorney in Broward

  • Trip and fall lawyer in Broward

  • Shooting injury attorney in Broward

  • Gas station shooting attorney in Broward

  • Broward elevator trip and fall

  • Broward trucking accident attorney

  • Wrongful death attorney in Broward


If you or a loved one suffered injuries as a result of the actions of another, contact the Miami Accident Attorneys at Ferrer Law, PA at (305) 697-2224 for a free consultation.

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